About Us

I started¬†WildernessTrip.com¬†because I felt there needed to be something out there for the do-it-yourself adventure travel person who wants to do self-guided trips. It seems like everything on the web is set up to send you to a guide service, where you will have to drop a couple grand or more to go. Now don’t get me wrong, guides serve a great purpose in the outdoor industry (heck I’ve been one myself), it’s just that there’s not a lot out there for self-guided adventure travel. I think a lot of people, if given the proper information, would just like to spend a couple hundred or less on gear, food and gas, and venture into the outdoors on their own. I want people to know what their National Forests and Parks have to offer. Their own “backyard” can offer all the adventure and challenge they want, everything from basic campsites and raging whitewater rivers to multi-pitch climbs. Many years of experience has taught me that getting through the planning and preparation stage is often the most difficult part in realizing your adventure. That’s why I decided to put together a website that photo documents some of my favorite outdoor trails with interactive maps and detailed route descriptions. What began as a labor of love, together with the help of friends and family, has grown into a great outdoor website.


See you on the trail,
Greg Rouse